The freestyle sessions at Kendal are a great way to take your skiing or snowboarding to the next level. There is an excellent vibe during our freestyle /open sessions and there is no pressure to perform, just a chilled encouraging environment in which you can progress. These are members only sessions however you can take a taster or GoSkiGoBoard session. If you can already safely ski or board from first get off point you only need to buy a GoSkiGoBoard session.

When Kendal’s slope was rebuilt using Snowflex, the club was quick to use the opportunity to incorporate purpose-built features for freestyle into the slope. We have a bowl up in the top corner which ends in a mini quarter pipe, next to that is the main kicker, recently re-shaped and matched to a new, steeper landing area which provides softer landings no matter how big you go! A mini kicker is alongside for those of you who want to ease in to jumping. Further down the slope a set of doubles provide an opportunity to get two lots of air in one run, and a full mogul set runs down the other side for those of that persuasion. Across on the new extension we have various sculpted terrain which is a superb aid to riding the undulations similar to a real piste (or more chances to get air on freestyle sessions)! We also have a range of mobile boxes and rail features that are put out during freestyle open sessions.

Session Times (During the Sept-March season): Thursday 6-8pm, Saturday 1-3pm and Sundays 6-8pm. 

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K-JAM 2018

Visit to find out about our amazing annual freestyle competition.




New to freestyle ? Want to give it ago but not sure where to start ? On Thursday nights 6-7pm we have our Freestyle Snowboard coaches on the slope to give you a helping hand. You don't have to be an advanced  rider as long as you have mastered the fundamentals all are welcome.

Join the KSC Members Page on Facebook for last minute changes to our freestyle schedule and to keep up to date with events we might be travelling too.

New for 2017 Season: We are asking freestyle participants to watch a short slope induction video & sign a declaration form stating they understand the information before accessing the slope. Parental consent is required for U18s. A copy of the declaration form can be found here Freestyle Member Declaration

The video can be seen below:


Don't just take our word for how good Kendal  Slope is check out Tim Warwoods feature from BBC Ski Sunday where he talks about our "little hidden gem" :-)


Each year we put on K-JAM our annual Freestyle Ski & Snowboard event which draws competitors and crowds from across the country to test their mettle on our fixed and mobile features. To register for this years event visit

K-JAM 2018 video Filming and editing by Dan Bullock of Twosevenmedia

K-JAM 2017 video Filming and editing by Jack Tompkins of Ski The Kingdom

K-JAM 2016 video Filmed by Craig Robinson/Scotty Stephenson Edited by John Cresswell

KJAM 2015 video Filmed and edited by Kendal College Media Students

KJAM 2014 video-  
Filmed, edited and produced by Craig Robinson



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